Designed with the SMB in mind!

Why work with ActivePoint?
Our ability to create the same catalog with a different pricing scheme using our dynamic pricing feature saves a lot of money, avoiding the need to create several PDFs just for this purpose.

The same catalog can be used with different covers, footers and headers to reflect different areas and countries, therefore not having to produce the same catalog several times.

It saves both in the PDF production (as one PDF copy is only needed for several different markets) and in the low cost of the copy of the electronic catalog. We also offer a create- your-own PDF copy system with which the customer can create a catalog with only the pages that they need!
A web based e-Catalog, that lets users browse, find and read about products in a user friendly environment, just like turning pages on a real printed catalog.
The ActiveFlip™ e-Catalog can be customized according to your unique specifications. It’s the perfect bridge between the offline and the online mobile enabled customer. The perfect hybrid of print and digital – focusing on customer experience and convenience
Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles and a simpler solution will work. We are proud to introduce our BCB (ActivePoint’s Best e-Catalog Builder). The BCB is an online software tool. It enables you to generate and manage your own catalog, so you can work at your own pace to add, update, and publish e-Catalogs. This “off-the-shelf” solution still offers you unique flexibility for your e-Catalog.

Cross Platform - PCs, Tablets & Mobiles