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D2D - Data2Display
ActivePoint turns your database or spreadsheet into a perfectly formatted catalogue, flyer or price list. Add your company logo, contact details and ads then download the catalog as a PDF or use it online and on mobile as a digital catalog.
A web based Digital Catalog, that lets users browse, find and read about products in a user friendly environment, just like turning pages on a real printed catalog.
The ActiveFlip™ Digital Catalog can be customized according to your unique specifications. It’s the perfect bridge between the offline and the online mobile enabled customer. The perfect hybrid of print and digital – focusing on customer experience and convenience
We are proud to introduce our BCB (ActivePoint’s Best Digital Catalog Builder).

The BCB is an online tool. It enables you to generate and manage your e-catalogs, so you can work at your own pace to add, update, and publish. The BCB offers you unique flexibility for your e-Catalog.